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Oliver Maier (Original tracks by Starbomb) - Starbomb (Chiptune Medley)
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It’s finished! 6 songs from Starbomb arranged in glorious chiptune form.

Featuring fan favourites such as Crasher-vania, Mega-Marital Problems and more, feast your ears on the Starbomb Medley.

(If someone finds a way of showing this to either Grump I shall feel truly blessed).

Soundcloud link w/ download if anyone is interested.

Looks like the Soundcloud link has hit maximum downloads, I’m super flattered! Try here, just scroll down and hit the blue ‘download’ button.






This is so beautiful.

what the actual fuck.
are we shitting on this guy because he wanted to go and just talk to a girl. I mean yeah, this is a clear intentional overreaction for the sake of comedy. but are girls really like “ear buds are awesome for defending against asshole guys bugging me.”
I didn’t realize someone walking up to you to say hi made them an asshole or meant they were trying to get into your pants, my apologies.

There’ve been a few of these comments, so I’ll just address this one real quick: nobody’s shitting on anyone (despite the rather graphic claims of the clearly intentionally overreacting dude who posted this). We - as in women - are sharing a profound truth about social interactions while being in public. Namely, that the overwhelming majority of times that men (not “someone,” men) walk up to us to say hi, they are trying to get into our pants. And this is based on experience. This is not based on us being full of ourselves. This is not based on one bad interaction amidst a plethora of good ones. This is us saying, “we’ve had numerous interactions in public with men we do not know, and we’ve decided that the number of times that we have a nice, pleasant conversation does not outweigh the number of times we have had a gross or unpleasant conversation. So we’ve decided to take steps to put up boundaries rather than risk the gross or unpleasant conversations.”

I mean, go and read through the reblogs of this - women talk about men who have literally ripped the earbuds out of these women’s ears in order to ask them their names, or to “just say hi.” Do you really think that men who do this are just being friendly? Then why don’t we hear about this happening to men from women invading their space and bothering them? Why don’t we hear men complaining about other men doing it, or women complaining about other women doing it? Doesn’t the fact that these experiences are all going one way - that they are all women talking about the times that men have done this to them - register with you at all?

And do you really think all the women who are, in your view, shitting on this guy are doing so out of some bizarre desire to be mean? Or is it possible that they are recognizing a type of man that they have had numerous run-ins with and have learned to defend themselves against, and they are happy to hear that their defense is working? Is it just barely possible that women are laughing at this man because they are glad to see a confirmation of what they’ve long suspected, which is that male strangers approach them, it’s rarely out of a genuine friendliness but rather a desire to fuck her?

Because heres’ the thing: you’re pretending that all this guy wanted to do was “just talk to a girl,” but that’s total bullshit based on what the poster actually said - he has a crush on her, he was planning a “cold approach,” he was angry enough at being prevented to write a very badly-written rant about it. He did, in fact, want into her pants. And a woman has every right to shut that down at whatever stage she damn well pleases.

Also, if this guy was going for comedy, he deserves to be made fun of for being such a shitty comedian.

And also if somebody needed help and she was wearing her headphones, then there’s a way to get her attention. I’ve had people ask me questions like directions to some place when I’ve had earbuds in. They got my attention by gently tapping my shoulder and then when I take the earbuds out say “I’m sorry to bother you, but-” and I’ve always been willing to help them. 

Also women who are wearing earbuds are less likely to get a violent response. I’ve walked down the street in broad daylight and had guys slow their cars down and FOLLOW me. But when I don’t acknowledge them by pretending I can’t hear them (I can) they typically drive off. 



you kinda have to have seen the movie little shop of horrors to get whats going on ha ha„

send help


i am literally the only person in my history class who has been turning in work consistently all year and i just got an email from my professor saying that if i’m not feeling up to it i dont have to bother writing the 18 page final paper he assigned i just have to not tell anybody god is real


do you ever write a message but halfway through you think “you know what fuck it they dont even care” and delete it



M for Mischa.

Hannibal actually baring his soul before Will…

My heart just shattered into a million pieces. THANKS FOR THAT





why do parents dress up twins in matching clothes like… why???

my little borthers are twins, if they dont have the same things, one of them will feel less loved and become jealous of the other twin.

ohh i see! I never thought of that, thanks! that seems so obvious now smh

no problemo :))